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VHSL Athletics & Activities - 2020-21 Updates & Information - Updated 10/12/20
Updates & Information

At last Thursday night’s Albemarle County Public Schools (ACPS) School Board meeting (10/8), the Board approved Superintendent, Dr. Haas’ recommendation to start the 2nd nine weeks in Stage 3. For VHSL sports/activities, Stage 3 offers the potential for in-person participation starting November 9. The final step is the approval of the plan, ACPS Reopening of VHSL Athletics/Activities – Phase 3.

The VHSL Executive Committee, meeting in special session on September 17, voted unanimously (33-0-0) to adopt the “Championships + 1” schedule for the FY 2021 Athletic and Academic Activities season.  Links to the VHSL's Condensed Season guidelines and a chart with the established contest limits for each sport are shared below.  Information and answers to Frequently Asked Questions are also shared below. 

Parents should REGISTER your child online for participation in VHSL Athletics/Activities.  Please
CLICK HERE or visit, click "REGISTRATION". 

If you have any questions, please contact the Head Coach of your/your child's sport/activity
(CLICK HERE for coach contact information) or Athletic Director Matthew Pearman at .

Useful Links
Athletic Department Contact Information
VHSL Physical Examination Form
VHSL 2020-21 Condensed Season Guidelines and Calendar
VHSL 2020-21 60% Contest Limits chart
COVID-19 Sport Specific Guidelines - VHSL Phase 3
COVID-19 ACPS Phase 3 Workouts/Practice Information


VHSL Season Schedules:
Here are the season dates shared in the VHSL’s Model 3 Condensed Season guidelines.

  • Season 1 (Winter) December 7 – February 20 (First Contest Date – December 21)
    • basketball, gymnastics, indoor track, swimming and diving, wrestling
  • Season 2 (Fall) February 4 – May 1 (First Contest Date – March 1)
    • competition cheerleading, cross country, field hockey, football, golf, volleyball
  • Season 3 (Spring) April 12 – June 26 (First Contest Date – April 26)
    • baseball, lacrosse, soccer, softball, tennis, track, and field
  • Academic Activities (December – June)
    • Theatre, Scholastic Bowl, Forensics, Debate, Robotics, Film Festival, Creative Writing, Publications Evaluation, and Multimedia Contest.

The Jefferson District and Region AD’s worked together to create a contest schedule within the parameters of the VHSL, ACPS and individual school districts. Some school divisions may be in various stages of reopening, and transportation parameters and travel permissions could vary among school divisions. Tentative schedules are available on our athletics website at, click "CALENDAR".

The VHSL's Condensed Season guidelines were shared on September 17.  Athletic Directors have worked to create a postseason qualification model and scheduling process. Be aware this may not be the same playoff/tournament system we’ve experienced in the past. It is the general consensus around the state that the focus of the season will be to provide maximum playing opportunities given the condensed schedule. 
Tentative schedules are available on our athletics website at, click "CALENDAR".

Out-of-Season Practices/Conditioning:
ACPS guidelines for Stage 3 of Returning to School state, “Students may participate in athletics or in-person extracurricular activities upon approval.” If/when workouts are able to resume, our goal is to resume inclusive of all three sport seasons. It is important that any interested student get a current physical (dated since May 1, 2020) on file with the Athletic Office. No one will be permitted to participate without one.
CLICK HERE for the VHSL Physical Form. Until the resumption of extracurricular activities is approved, please be reminded that no ACPS team is permitted to run any on- or off-campus in-person practices or workouts, including encouraging so-called ‘Captains Practices’.

How do I turn in my VHSL Physical Form?
Make sure all four (4) pages are completed and signed, then...
- Drop it off in the Monticello High School Main office or Athletics office on Mon-Fri from 8:00am-4:30pm. OR
- Mail to: Monticello High School, Attn: Athletics Department, 1400 Independence Way, Charlottesville, VA 22902. OR
- E-mail as a PDF attachment to: . OR
- FAX to 434-244-3118.

How can teams stay engaged virtually?
Coaches have been encouraged to stay engaged with our student-athletes. Some coaches may suggest/offer a training program – provided it is very clear that participation in the training program is optional and NOT a requirement or prerequisite for tryouts. Organizing team Zoom meetings, providing at-home workouts for students, sharing e-mail
updates with students/parents, and/or utilizing social media to keep students connected are all possible ways for coaches and students/parents to stay connected.

Academics - Overview and VHSL Eligibility:
This year all high school classes will be run on the 4x4 schedule model. Essentially, the 8 classes that students selected last spring will be split between the two semesters. Students will take up to 4 in the fall and up to 4 in the spring. Rather than classes meeting every other day as they have in the past, students will meet every day with their four classes. The Fall semester runs from September 8 through January 29. The Spring semester runs from February 1 to June 15th (the last day of school). Please contact your school counselor for specific questions regarding schedules.

For athletic eligibility for the first semester, students must have passed 5 credits for the 2019-20 school year. If a student still has an “Incomplete” from last spring in any of their classes, these classes do not count towards the five credits minimum needed to participate in sports. Students in this situation will need to work with their grade-level administrator and school counselor to make up the work from last spring before they are eligible if they did not pass 5 credits.

For athletic eligibility for the second semester, students must be enrolled this Fall 2020 (1st semester) in a minimum of 3 classes for credit and must pass 3 of the 4 classes to be eligible the following semester (2nd semester). Also, students must be enrolled in a minimum of 3 classes for credit during the second semester to participate.

Early Graduation for Seniors and VHSL Eligibility:
A senior student who needs four or fewer credits to graduate may be able to complete graduation requirements during the first semester. However, students must be enrolled in a minimum of 3 classes for credit (on 4x4 schedule model) to participate in VHSL athletics/activities. Seniors, even if they’ve completed all graduation requirements after the first semester, must enroll, and remain enrolled, in a minimum of 3 classes to be eligible for VHSL athletics/activities during the second semester.

College Athletics Opportunities:
College athletic departments are facing similar challenges to our high schools and understand the significance of the changes to the athletics schedules. Students, in any grade, with interest in competing in athletics at the collegiate level should inform their school counselor and head coach as soon as possible.

CLICK HERE for the NCAA Eligibility Center for detailed information on collegiate athletics requirements.
CLICK HERE for more information on the College Athletics Recruiting process.

Private/Independence School Transfer Students for Spring Sports:
For any questions involving a transfer and the effect(s) on VHSL Eligibility, please contact Athletic Director Matthew Pearman at I will assist with guidance on VHSL eligibility rules for students leaving or planning to enter Monticello High School.

What is the status of VHSL Athletics/Activities for this year?  
The Executive Committee of the VHSL voted 34-1 on July 27 to adopt a calendar where all three sport seasons would, essentially, be played in 2021. This Condensed Schedule model was affirmeed on Sept. 17 by a 33-0 vote. Details of this plan are oulined and linked above. Further details regarding schedules, post-season play, overlapping seasons, etc. should be available by early October. We'll provide updates here and on social media (Twitter @MonticelloAD, Facebook 'Monticello Mustangs AD') as we are able.

Will students be able to play multiple sports with the overlap in seasons?
Absolutely!  The overlap in seasons under the VHSL's Model 3 isn't much different than the overlap in previous years, with the playoff season from fall & winter has traditionally overlapped with the tryouts/pre-season practice season for winter & spring.  The difference is, with the switching in the order of the winter and fall seasons, it switches which seasons overlap with each other.  The process remains the same, all students will be afforded the opportunity to try out for any subsequent sport following the conclusion of a previous sport season.  Any questions or concerns regarding this should be shared with the Athletic Director (Matthew Pearman, ).

What if I have questions that aren't answered here?
Please feel free to reach out to the Head Coach for sport-specific questions and the Athletic Director (Matthew Pearman, ) for any non-sport specific questions.

What precautions will the athletic department be taking to ensure a safe environment?
The safety of our student-athletes is always our highest priority.  Precautions will be taken in the following areas for any VHSL athletics/activities until further notice:  Pre-Workout Screening, Limitations on Gatherings, Facilities Cleaning, Physical Activity and Athletic Equipment, and Hydration.  Please CLICK HERE for detailed Parent Information for ACPS Summer Workouts. Precautionary plans for future workouts/practices will be shared here prior to any future workouts taking place.

Is the school hosting discount physicals?
Typically, we offer discount physicals one afternoon in late May each school year.  Due to the current limitations on indoor gatherings and physical distancing, we are unable to offer at-school sports physicals this year.

Where can I get a sports physical?
It is recommended for your child's Pediatrician/Primary Care Physican to perform sports physicals.  Also, MedExpress (260 Pantops Center, Charlottesvile) offers walk-in physicals from 8:00am to 8:00pm daily.

How do I turn my physical in while schools are in Stage 2?
The school office is open daily on weekdays from 8:30am-4:00pm for drop-off.  VHSL Physical Forms can also be sent to the Athletic Director by email at , or sent by FAX to 434-244-3118.


ConnectEd Communication re: Athletics - October 12

Greetings, Monticello family!

At last Thursday night’s Albemarle County Public Schools (ACPS) School Board meeting (10/8), the Board approved Dr. Haas’ recommendation to start the 2nd nine weeks in Stage 3. This is great news for VHSL sports/activities as Stage 3 offers the potential for in-person participation starting November 9. Although exciting, the final step is the approval of our plan, ACPS Reopening of VHSL Athletics/Activities – Phase 3.

We know many of our students and families are understandably anxious. While Stage 3 does permit in-person participation in accordance with NFHS/VHSL/ACPS safety protocols, it will take some time to allow for our plan to be approved, Coach COVID-19 training, facility preparation and management, and development of the workout schedules for each sport/activity. Please be patient as these details are finalized and know we will do our best to keep everyone current on the latest developments.

  1. To participate in any pre-season workouts or to try out for a VHSL sport, you MUST HAVE A CURRENT VHSL PHYSICAL FORM ON FILE in the Athletics Office (attached) dated since May 1, 2020 – NO EXCEPTIONS! CLICK HERE for a VHSL Physical form.
  2. How do I turn in my VHSL Physical Form?
    1. Make sure all four (4) pages are completed and signed, then…
      1. Drop it off in the Monticello High School Main office or Athletics office on Mon-Fri from 8:00am-4:30pm. OR
      2. Mail to: Monticello High School, Attn: Athletics Department, 1400 Independence Way, Charlottesville, VA 22902. OR
      3. E-mail as a PDF attachment to:
  3. REGISTER your child ONLINE for participation in VHSL Athletics/Activities.
    1. Registration is online at, click “REGISTRATION”.
  4. How do I express interest in participating in a sport/activity this year?
    1. Please contact the respective Head Coach(es). Coach contact info can be found at, click “Athletic Department Info.”.
  5. What will my team’s schedule look like for this school year?
    1. Tentative schedules for all sports/activities have been posted online. Visit, click “CALENDAR”.
  6. When/How will I know when the Reopening of VHSL Athletics/Activities plan is approved?
    1. Updates will be posted on Monticello Athletics website at under “2020-21 Updates & Information”.
    2. Information will be shared using ‘ConnectEd’ messages such as this one.
    3. Follow Monticello Athletics on Social Media
      1. Twitter @WeAreMonticello (official) & @MonticelloAD (AD)
      2. Facebook – “Monticello High School Athletics” (official) & “Monticello Mustangs AD” (AD)
      3. Instagram @monticellomustangsad (AD)

Thank you in advance for what we believe is going to be another great year for Monticello Athletics!  If you have any questions, please contact the Head Coach of your child’s respective sport/activity (CLICK HERE for Coach contact information) or myself (

Go Mustangs! 
Matthew Pearman, Sr.

ConnectEd Communication re: Athletics - August 13


Greetings Monticello Family,

As we navigate the opening of a new school year unlike we’ve ever seen, I wanted to take an opportunity to share an update specific to Virginia High School League (VHSL) athletics and activities. As you are aware, the Albemarle County School Board plans to open schools virtually starting September 8 in Stage 2 of five stages for the reopening of schools, for the first nine-week period. Also, the VHSL has released a condensed plan to re-open VHSL sports/activities for 2020-21 starting December 14.

This is a rather lengthy, but all-encompassing, communication with a number of Questions and Answers. Most importantly, all information presented here is based on current ACPS and VHSL plans, and could change. I am maintaining online updates at If there are any changes or developments, I will update the athletics website and communicate via the website and social media, at a minimum. Students and parents can follow me on Twitter @MonticelloAD, on Facebook at, or on Instagram @MonticelloMustangsAD.

If your student is interested in a VHSL sport/activity at Monticello High School, please reach out to the Head Coach so they can add you to their team contact list. Please understand, while all students are welcome and encouraged to connect with coaches and peers in their sports/activities of interest, any out-of-season communications and virtual activities are voluntary and have no bearing in the team selection process when the VHSL seasons resume. (CLICK HERE for coach contact information).

I know these are unusual times for us all. We terribly miss the students being in our building and on our fields, courts and stages, and seeing parents and friends at our events cheering for our Mustangs. My thoughts and hopes are for everyone’s safe return when we are able to resume in-person learning and extracurricular activities. If you have any questions regarding VHSL athletics and activities, please don’t hesitate to contact me at

In Sportsmanship,
Matthew Pearman, Sr.

ConnectEd Communication re: Athletics - July 7


Dear Monticello Family,

The Albemarle County Public Schools (ACPS) Athletic Departments, in accordance with Virginia High School League (VHSL) guidelines and approved by ACPS, are excited to share with you that starting Monday, July 13, Fall Sports activities will have the option to conduct limited, optional, organized work out sessions. Participation by students and coaches is strictly optional.
Anyone interested in participating in these optional sessions must have a completed VHSL Physical Form dated after May 1, 2020 on file in the Athletic Office. The form is attached, and copies are available in the school office.

Students entering 8th-12th grades interested in information regarding a particular sport are encouraged to contact the respective Head Coach. Fall Sports coach contact information is below. Updated athletics information, the VHSL Physical Form, and contact information for the Head Coach of each sport/activity will be available online at

In an effort to protect student-athletes and coaches from the spread of COVID-19 and to create a healthy environment for all, the ACPS Athletic Departments along with the ACPS Health Advisory Committee have developed safety protocols that require diligent on-site and at-home effort. The attached document is provided for your review. Also, parents are encouraged to remain in their vehicles when dropping students off/picking students up from workouts.

For workout schedules, contact the respective sport coach or click the ‘CALENDAR’ tab at With Fall Sports workouts only, initially, Winter/Spring athletes are welcome to try a new activity and participate as workouts will be general in nature in compliance with VHSL guidelines. We appreciate your patience and with continued improvements in the prevention of the spread of COVID-19 illnesses. We look forward to providing this opportunity for those who feel comfortable. If you/your student are not comfortable participating in in-person workouts at this time, but would like to stay informed with team information, please contact the respective sport coach.

On a broader note, online registration for all VHSL athletics and activities for the 2020-21 school year is available online at, click ‘REGISTRATION’. Schedules are posted, but subject to change. Activity fees will not be collected until the VHSL calendar for the upcoming school year is approved.

Thank you, and please continue to stay safe. Go Mustangs!

Matthew Pearman, Sr.
Director of Athletics
Monticello High School
Author: Matthew Pearman   E-Mail: